Monday, February 1, 2010


For 12 years Katana has ruled her realm. The staff has been very accommodating, no other cat has dared step a paw in her territory, and dog visits had been brief.

Then the invader came.

At first Katana retreated to her fortress (the basement) and waited for the furry, smelly upstart to be send packing. Occasional forays to the upper floors showed her the unwelcome creature was still in residence. Not only that, but he had the nerve to sniff her, lick her, try to chase her, then worst of all, bark at her!

She tolerated these insults with dignity, but eventually realized her status had to be explained to the mutt, and delivered a sharp swat across the nose to make her point. Since he was only a dog after all, the lesson had to be repeated.

Finally an agreement was reached. She would tolerate occasional sniffing, maybe one lick, and his attendance at a respectful distance when she strolled her domain. In return, he was allowed to exist, and upon the occasion she wished to run, chase her for a few steps.

I think she is enjoying this power a bit too much.


  1. LOL--our eight cats have to share the house with an IW, Afghan hound, and white GS/husky mix! Check out my blog at



  2. I bet you never have a boring day! LOL!

  3. Never. Your Finn is darling. I love the snow nose picture!

  4. Me too! I've been trying to get a good nose photo for a long time. Love that nose!
    I have always loved Afghans, I knew one growing up, Alfie, who was wonderful.