Sunday, June 26, 2011

PA Celtic Fling!

The Potomac Vally Irish Wolfhound Club was invited to come to the PA Celtic Fling to present our breed. We had 6 hounds there over the two days, and we were very well received.

Bill in his kilt setting up the tents.

We had lots of visitors.

A lovely lass from the Great Dane rescue came to call.

Sunday, walking through the fair before opening.

Finn was interested in this knight, until he sniffed it and realized it wasn't a person.

This little girl was fascinated with Finn's eyebrows.

Memphis had his fans as well.

Both days we were serenaded by a group of pipers.

We all had a grand time, and everyone was delighted to see the hounds.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Irish Wolfhounds at play!

This weekend Finn had some extra large visitors!

and Kelly! They are Irish wolfhound brothers that we know from parades and shows.

There was a lot of running..


and jumping.

Pauses for Manly discussions..

Then more running.

and checking out all the toys. Typical wolfhound activities.

Pretty soon they were al ready for the other main wolfhound activity...

Lying down.

Finn had a great time!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Irish Wolfhound Humor

Irish Wolfhound are a funny breed. Goofy, some would say. They have a sense of humor, and can be quite clown-like at times. But they can also be quite clever with their humor. Finn has several times pulled stunts that were obviously thought out, and which he also very obviously thought was funny.

A Facebook friend passed around a link to an Irish Wolfhound site where both the hounds and the humans are quite funny. I thought I would share the joy.

Here are the main humor pages of the site: click the arrow at the bottom right to go to the next page.

For the full site, with lots of gorgeous photos of hound, and Guernsey scenery, go here: