Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today after I took Finn for a walk and dried him off (it was raining) I realized he looked just like a Luckdragon from the Neverending Story. Maybe it's just me. Anyway, I think Falkor would be a great name for a cream or white wolfhound.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Play Dates

Three nights this week, Finn has had play dates with other dogs. The first was with a Goldendoodle, a 10 month old puppy who is all energy and golden curls. We met out walking, and decided to come back to my fenced yard and let them run.

They had great fun, mostly Finn running circles around the other puppy. Finn ran out of energy long before the puppy, so he decided to also swim in our pond. not so much fun for his mom when he got home, I am sure!

The second was with the Goldendoodle again, with a border collie mix along as well. The three of them got along great, no dip in the pond this time, and all three were slowing down and ready to lay down and pant by the time it was getting dark. This time when Finn saw them coming up the drive, he went to the back gate to meet them, he knew why they were here.

The third with a Great Pyrenees puppy that belongs to a friend who stopped by for dinner. They came to the front door, but Finn immediately wanted to take her to his back yard to play. We left them out there to work the energy off while I cooked dinner. It was dark, so we would hear panting, footsteps galloping across the deck, and see the occasional flash of fluffy white in the window. When they came in, both dogs were quite happy to settle down. Finn shared his water and his cookies without fuss. After dinner thye had another play session before she went home.

Finn thinks having company is great!