Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve, and Finn is helpful..

We woke up to snow this morning. My son went out to shovel the walk and driveway.

Finn of course wanted to help.

By help, we mean play in the snow, of course.

"How can you just shovel snow when there is a puppy who wants to play with you?"

"Come on, it's fun!"

"Aren't you finished yet?"

"Come and PLAY!"

See, no one can resist a playful puppy in the snow...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Because of schedules (6 people with very different jobs and work schedules), we held Christmas early. Sunday we had all of the family over to celebrate.

Finn helped decorate the tree.

Posed for photos.

Helped with the 12 days of Petmas. (see Pawcurious, a great blog!)

He also helped with cleanup after dinner. 4 huge ham slices slid onto the floor, and Finn caught them on first bounce and was gone! Score!

But, Finn didn't get to open his present, because Santa hadn't brought it yet. Surprise! it got here today. A new fancy (expensive!) memory foam bed.

Merry Christmas Finn!

Saturday, December 19, 2009


At 4pm we are 18 inches, and it's still coming down. We are all inside decorating the Christmas, tree, which Finn is fascinated with.

But earlier today, we had fun in the snow!

Walking on the leash, not so much fun..


But then we got to run...(notice Finn's "Squirrel!!" moment at the end)

Later, in the back yard..

The tree and garden spirits were not concerned with the snow

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

He speaks!

When a delivery guy came to the door today, a new event happened.

Finn woofed. Just 3 woofs, but it was a big event!

We are obviously feeling pretty sassy and empowered now.

The White Dragon!

Finn is not fond of getting in vehicles. Part of that is the worry about were we are going. His earlier trips in the car were to the vet, and then to us, so either he was getting a shot or his world was ending so not a good start for car travels.

We have had varied success with him getting in vehicles. Cars are easier, but he is more reluctant, as that is usually vet or worst of all, to the pet groomer! (no, we will not be doing THAT again) Our old Suburban was a bit harder for him to get into (he would put his front paws on the tailgate, then we lift his back legs up) but generally it was going to the barn, which is a fun place!

Then we bought the White Dragon...

Or so Finn is convinced it is. It's really high, and there is no way he can climb in, and instead of the nice bed of the suburban to stretch out on, he has another slippery seat. We got him in once, without much fuss, but then he realized it was a dragon, and was going to eat him.

The next time we tried to get him in, ensued a scramble worthy of trying to get a cranky toddler in a car seat..if the toddler was 140 pounds and had legs longer than your arms. After 20 minutes and two adults wrestling with him, he was in the truck, but was not happy about it. He sat braced in the seat shaking, panting, and waiting for the dragon to chew him up and digest him. When we got to the barn, he vaulted out of the truck with olympic speed.

The transport home was a little less traumatic, as he realized he HAD to get in the truck to get home. We also used the 3 step horse mounting block, and with a little encouragement, he was able to get in the truck on his own.

He was still expecting to be eaten though..