Saturday, December 19, 2009


At 4pm we are 18 inches, and it's still coming down. We are all inside decorating the Christmas, tree, which Finn is fascinated with.

But earlier today, we had fun in the snow!

Walking on the leash, not so much fun..


But then we got to run...(notice Finn's "Squirrel!!" moment at the end)

Later, in the back yard..

The tree and garden spirits were not concerned with the snow


  1. Well, now. SOMEONE had fun in the snow today! I bet we only get three inches out of it. Was hoping for much more. How nice that you and especially Finnegan, had a Christmasy, wintery day on a weekend. One of life's small pleasures.

  2. We are lucky, other than driving to the barn to feed horses, we don't have to be out in this. We can just play and shovel the driveway. I have been baking cookies all day. :-)

  3. You and everyone else seems to have been baking cookies all day yesterday. I couldn't read one more Facebook status about it or I would cry, as I was cookieless myself. Glad you could stay in for the most part. Me? Shoveled until I could shovel no more. And I see this morning there is more to do. Ugh.

  4. Yep, I sent the husband and son out to shovel while I baked. They thought it was a good trade off! Today you can't even tell they did anything.
    Remember when we were kids and snow was a wondrous event? Something happened somewhere along the way...