Monday, February 20, 2012


Annora has taken upon herself the job of landscaper. She takes this job very seriously. First, there is the artful presentation of decorations.

12 balls, 3 squeeky toys, 3 stuffies, a jolly ball, all evenly scattered.

Oh, and a frisbee.

A rubber oven mitt.

A glider plane.

Lots of sticks, all carefully pruned from the trees and bushes.

They have to be chewed precisely for the best effect.

She didn't like the moss on the stones around the pond.

Annora also objected to the presence of a ground squirrel, so we now have 8 holes she has dug trying to chase him away.

I haven't told her he is hiding under the deck, she would chew it up.

I think this is the stump from the Christmas tree.

Something terry cloth, who knows what it was originally.

Garden stakes that were around the strawberry patch.

I don't think she is finished with this pot, there are only a few chew marks on it.

This actually is a piece of the deck I think.

This was our pond skimmer, the little grey bits are the remains of the netting.

The garden is now suitable for wolfhound games.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Playing and howling!

Finn and Annora playing!

Playing in the kitchen New Years Day. Yes, I was trying to cook during all this!

Annora's first snow!

The snow wasn't very deep or fluffy, but she had a good time playing in it!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Barn Day!

Once a year we hold a 'Barn Day' where we invite co-workers and friends to stop by and see our horses. We also give pony rides to kids (of all ages). This year the hounds were just as big of a draw.

Finn had guests too!

It was a beautiful day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So very tired...

Annora often lies down next to Finn. I think she would like to pile on top of him, but he gets up when she tries that.

Notice how they take of most of the floor space in the family room, it's more fun when they do this in the kitchen as you are trying to cook!