Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall day

Today was a lovely Fall day. We started with our morning walk in the crisp, clear air.
Bonnie circled, Annora pulled and Finn walked slowly, often lagging behind. It's hard to tell if he is more sedate because of his experience and calm, age issues (arthritis), or if his surgery last December took more out of him than we realize.

Bonnie has an appt. at the vet for shots, so we drive there, with her nose out the window most of the trip. 82 pounds at 6 months and one week. As we are sitting in the exam room, Bonnie is whining, and I realize she is now sounds exactly like Finn when she whines! After her shots, we walk out to the car, and I finally start to see a hint of the lovely movement Finn has in her gait. She is growing up so fast!

We stopped for pumpkin ice cream on the way home.

 Since Bonnie had received several shots, I decided not to walk her that evening, so I took Finn and Annora into the park. Just as we got to the park, a herd of deer walked into view. Both hounds were on high alert! I unclipped them and sent the after the deer. I was then treated to a fine exhibition of the term 'galloping hound' as they both took off. (the deer were long gone before they got close) We had a delightful walk through the woods, looking for the deer and exuberantly bouncing around. Finn ran, and jumped, and seemed his old self. Annora was delirious, running here and there and making an incredible leap over the creek. Every time I called she came right back, so perhaps we can start walking in the park again.

All hounds are happy and tired tonight.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Annora has taken upon herself the job of landscaper. She takes this job very seriously. First, there is the artful presentation of decorations.

12 balls, 3 squeeky toys, 3 stuffies, a jolly ball, all evenly scattered.

Oh, and a frisbee.

A rubber oven mitt.

A glider plane.

Lots of sticks, all carefully pruned from the trees and bushes.

They have to be chewed precisely for the best effect.

She didn't like the moss on the stones around the pond.

Annora also objected to the presence of a ground squirrel, so we now have 8 holes she has dug trying to chase him away.

I haven't told her he is hiding under the deck, she would chew it up.

I think this is the stump from the Christmas tree.

Something terry cloth, who knows what it was originally.

Garden stakes that were around the strawberry patch.

I don't think she is finished with this pot, there are only a few chew marks on it.

This actually is a piece of the deck I think.

This was our pond skimmer, the little grey bits are the remains of the netting.

The garden is now suitable for wolfhound games.

Sunday, February 5, 2012