Monday, November 22, 2010

Finn has a sleepover!

One of Finn's friends is a beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog named Belle. Belle needed a place to spend the night while her owner went to an event, so Finn got to have a friend spend the night!

Finn was quite excited when Belle arrived, and they played in the back yard for a while. Then Finn was tired and wanted to come in, but Belle wasn't tired!

Belle doesn't have a backyard at her house, so she didn't want to stop playing in it! She ran around the yard, then rolled in the grass. I called her to come in, but she didn't want to. I stayed outside with her for a bit, but I had cooking to do, so I called Finn outside to keep Belle company.

As I worked, I saw Finn coming up to the back door, then walking to the side of the house. He kept doing it, looking at me, then going to the side. I then realized I couldn't see Belle and went outside. Once there, I saw what Finn was concerned about. Belle was in the pond! She had jumped in and was tangled up in all the lily pads and plants. I called Belle, and between me pulling, and her scrambling to get out, she got out of the pond.

I then had a very wet, rather yucky dog to deal with. That pond is au naturale, we let the fish, frogs, etc take over. I started to hose Belle off, but she was feeling good and took off running. I figured I would be pulling her out of the pond every time she went out if I didn't do something about it so I set up the wading pool and filled it with water. This both kept Belle entertained with clean water and also hopefully rinsed off all the icky pond water.

I left Belle outside until dark, and was then finally able to convince her to come in. She wasn't much interested in her dinner, until Finn came over to sniff it, then she ate everything. I gave them each an after dinner Greenie and Finn went to his bed to eat his.

Belle walked up with her Greenie, and proceeded to lay down on Finn's bed. Finn got up just before she plopped down on him. Belle took over his bed for the rest of the night. Finn never protested though.

I left them both with dry kibble to munch on. Belle checked Finn's out first. Finn watched her and just wagged his tail. He didn't mind sharing. Of course he then went and finished her kibble, something he later regretted as it was a different kind than his and upset his tummy.

Belle slept on Finn's bed in the living room, and Finn slept in our bedroom. The next morning after breakfast Pogo, another of Finn's friends came over for a play-date. The three of them had a good time playing until it was time for Belle to go home.

Finn was quite good with his company, very gentlemanly, but I do think he was ready for her to go home. He slept the rest of the day. But that is always the way it is after a sleep-over!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 Irish Festival

We went to the Baltimore Irish Festival on Saturday. There were several Irish Wolfhounds there from the Potomac Vally Irish Wolfhound Club. As usual, the wolfhounds gather a crowd.

Especially children.

This little one didn't actually ride Finn, but she was quite fascinated with him.

Finn was very gentle, and gave her a kiss.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long, tiring day...

Saturday was a work day.

I needed to clean, which means Finn has to stay outside. It really doesn't help the cleaning process, if the 140 pound fur covered dirt magnet who is the cause of most of the dirt is following you around getting in the way.

Finn was exiled outside, to help the hubby with some outside work. (By help, I mean lie down and watch) I swept, vacuumed, cleaned all the small rugs, took the cover off Finn's bed and washed it, vacuumed all the cookie crumbs off the family room rug and washed it as well. I left the rug and bed cover hanging to dry.

Next it was out to the barn, and 3 hours of barn work. repairs, cleaning out the hay room, some digging, stall cleaning, then feed and water the horses. Finn got to run in the pasture with us, and we also worked on some back and forth with Finn. We have treats in our hands, and one would call Finn to come, treat him when he sat, then send him back to the other one. We got further apart, and Finn did well except he tended to want to stay with the person who had the whole treat pouch in their pocket.

Then it was back home for showers. This includes Finn. It was pretty muddy at the barn, and he was overdue for a bath. Just so you know, it takes a huge walk in shower, a lot of soap, and about 35 minuted to bathe Finn. Then you have a few seconds to towel off as much water as possible before he goes galloping through the house shaking water everywhere.

Then dinner...which for us was Chinese delivery. Finn had leftover turkey, cheese and kibble. After clean up, we settled down with the gas fire going to watch a movie. Finn couldn't settle. He kept nudging me. No, he didn't want out. He had food in his dish, so not still hungry. It took me a while, but finally I figured out he wanted his rug back. It was still a bit damp, but then so was he. I spread it out in the family room and with a sigh he curled up on it, right in front of the fire.

So we watched the movie, with the gas fire going, popcorn to munch, and a warm furry (slightly damp) wolfhound on our feet.

It was a good day!

Monday, November 8, 2010

What does Halloween mean?

To me it has always meant dressing up (the very best part) and as a kid trick or treat gatherings. Now as an adult with kids all grown it's still dressing up, and also parties at work and costume contests. I still carve pumpkins, still decorate the house and have plenty of candy on hand.

For Finn, Halloween means lots of kids come to the door to see HIM! He gets to sniff them, lick them, and if he could just sneak away quick enough, go trick or treating with them. (He tried!) It's the one time of the year I really get to see how much Finn really loves children.

The first kid that came petted Finn, took his candy and left, and Finn thought that was neat. The second knock on the door was a couple of girls, 9-10ish, who asked if they could pet Finn. I let him out so they could, and there was a lot of licking and giggling. As they walked off I heard one exclaim 'He kissed me on my ear!'

The next group was about 7 kids with parents waiting on the street with flashlights. I asked if they wanted to pet Finn and I got a very loud YES! I let Finn out the door and they all got to pet him and get licked, then Finn saw the people on the street and took off to go say hello. It took a bit of convincing for him come back to the house, he really wanted to walk with them. We had a few more groups, then that was it. Finn waited, looking out the glass door for at least another hour, hoping for more visitors. He absolutely loved seeing all those kids!

Finn wants to know if we can have Halloween every weekend?