Monday, November 8, 2010

What does Halloween mean?

To me it has always meant dressing up (the very best part) and as a kid trick or treat gatherings. Now as an adult with kids all grown it's still dressing up, and also parties at work and costume contests. I still carve pumpkins, still decorate the house and have plenty of candy on hand.

For Finn, Halloween means lots of kids come to the door to see HIM! He gets to sniff them, lick them, and if he could just sneak away quick enough, go trick or treating with them. (He tried!) It's the one time of the year I really get to see how much Finn really loves children.

The first kid that came petted Finn, took his candy and left, and Finn thought that was neat. The second knock on the door was a couple of girls, 9-10ish, who asked if they could pet Finn. I let him out so they could, and there was a lot of licking and giggling. As they walked off I heard one exclaim 'He kissed me on my ear!'

The next group was about 7 kids with parents waiting on the street with flashlights. I asked if they wanted to pet Finn and I got a very loud YES! I let Finn out the door and they all got to pet him and get licked, then Finn saw the people on the street and took off to go say hello. It took a bit of convincing for him come back to the house, he really wanted to walk with them. We had a few more groups, then that was it. Finn waited, looking out the glass door for at least another hour, hoping for more visitors. He absolutely loved seeing all those kids!

Finn wants to know if we can have Halloween every weekend?

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