Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Long, tiring day...

Saturday was a work day.

I needed to clean, which means Finn has to stay outside. It really doesn't help the cleaning process, if the 140 pound fur covered dirt magnet who is the cause of most of the dirt is following you around getting in the way.

Finn was exiled outside, to help the hubby with some outside work. (By help, I mean lie down and watch) I swept, vacuumed, cleaned all the small rugs, took the cover off Finn's bed and washed it, vacuumed all the cookie crumbs off the family room rug and washed it as well. I left the rug and bed cover hanging to dry.

Next it was out to the barn, and 3 hours of barn work. repairs, cleaning out the hay room, some digging, stall cleaning, then feed and water the horses. Finn got to run in the pasture with us, and we also worked on some back and forth with Finn. We have treats in our hands, and one would call Finn to come, treat him when he sat, then send him back to the other one. We got further apart, and Finn did well except he tended to want to stay with the person who had the whole treat pouch in their pocket.

Then it was back home for showers. This includes Finn. It was pretty muddy at the barn, and he was overdue for a bath. Just so you know, it takes a huge walk in shower, a lot of soap, and about 35 minuted to bathe Finn. Then you have a few seconds to towel off as much water as possible before he goes galloping through the house shaking water everywhere.

Then dinner...which for us was Chinese delivery. Finn had leftover turkey, cheese and kibble. After clean up, we settled down with the gas fire going to watch a movie. Finn couldn't settle. He kept nudging me. No, he didn't want out. He had food in his dish, so not still hungry. It took me a while, but finally I figured out he wanted his rug back. It was still a bit damp, but then so was he. I spread it out in the family room and with a sigh he curled up on it, right in front of the fire.

So we watched the movie, with the gas fire going, popcorn to munch, and a warm furry (slightly damp) wolfhound on our feet.

It was a good day!


  1. I'm thinkin' it don't get no better 'n this!

  2. Doggers are very persistent when they want something. Love it that he wanted the rug back!

  3. Well, it was only fair. We were all sitting on the couch, 'our' furniture, so he wanted 'his' furniture back!