Sunday, September 25, 2011

PVIWC Fun Show 2011

We went to the PVIWC Fun Show in Annapolis today. This is an annual show just for fun and to raise funds for the club. A lot of people show up just to sit around and talk with friends, and we often have other breeds of dogs long too. The show is also a great way to learn a bit about showing and practise with your dog. All in a low key, friendly atmosphere.

Oh, and after the show classes we have a yummy potluck lunch! This year we had regular conformation classes, puppy, dog, bitch, veteran, and also longest tail, best head, best gait, longest beard, biggest foot, best sit, and most unusual talent. Our Judge this year was wonderful, very patient with puppies and people who are clueless about showing (me).

We also had a demo from a local Irish Dance group, who were wonderful!

Finn did very well, winning Best Head (2nd year in a row), Best Sit, and Most Unusual Talent. We had a great time chatting with everyone, and playing with some puppies.

Finn with his ribbons!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Royal Hounds...

At the invitation of Queen Elizabeth I we were invited to attend the merriment at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. We were commanded to appear with a Royal Hound to adorn the court and stand guard for the Queen.

We appeared suitably dressed with our noble hound.

The noble hound was wearing his Montgomery Tartan collar.

The Lord Montgomery, Earl of Eglinton, Black Knight of the Hudson. Laird of Ayrshire, and his loyal hound.

Finn and his groupies...

Listening to the cannons and music.

Finn really wanted to meet the goat. The goat declined.

Argh! It be Pyrate Weekend Mateys!

A group of were-children descend. Finn was not afraid!

Finn greets the other Royal Hounds at the Faire.

T'was a lovely day, a good time was had by all.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

VA Scottish Games 2011

We decided to go to the VA Scottish Games again this year. We always have a good time, and it is open to dogs.

Finn is always a big hit.

There were many other dogs there, including this very cute Scottish Terrier.

This adorable little girl kept hanging around, and finally asked "May I hug your dog?"

Bill and Finn holding court. Notice Finn's neck ware matches Bill's kilt? Later we found a collar and leash in the Montgomery tartan.

We also met Guinness, another IW at the festival. He is a lure coursing champ!

We walked in the Dog's Parade, met lots of people, and ate bangers and mash for lunch. Despite it being hotter than we expected, it was a good day.