Sunday, September 18, 2011

Royal Hounds...

At the invitation of Queen Elizabeth I we were invited to attend the merriment at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. We were commanded to appear with a Royal Hound to adorn the court and stand guard for the Queen.

We appeared suitably dressed with our noble hound.

The noble hound was wearing his Montgomery Tartan collar.

The Lord Montgomery, Earl of Eglinton, Black Knight of the Hudson. Laird of Ayrshire, and his loyal hound.

Finn and his groupies...

Listening to the cannons and music.

Finn really wanted to meet the goat. The goat declined.

Argh! It be Pyrate Weekend Mateys!

A group of were-children descend. Finn was not afraid!

Finn greets the other Royal Hounds at the Faire.

T'was a lovely day, a good time was had by all.

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