Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Wolfhound proof toys...

Irish Wolfhounds, like other big breeds, are tough on their toys. Actually, death and destruction on toys would be more accurate! After watching Finn shred toy after toy, pop tennis balls in minutes, and crunch up bones and chews like a cookie, I thought I wouldn't find anything for him to play with longer than 15 minutes.

Finn came with a Kong, but seemed uninterested in playing with it at first.

After I found out what the hole was for, and filled it with treats, Finn was interested in playing with it, at least as long as the treats lasted.

I really wanted something that kept his interest longer than 15 minutes. Next I tried a large Everlasting Treat Ball. I gave it to Finn to entertain him while I cooked dinner. (his favorite spectator sport) 2 minutes later I hear crunching. I'm not supposed to hear crunching, he is supposed to lick the ball and chew the indestructible outside.

When I check on him, he has already gotten the inner 'treat' out, and is crunching it up like a cookie. I can't even get a new treat in there, so I don't see how he was able to get it out that quick. On the good side, the toy is actually more fun for Finn empty. The knobbies make it fun to chew, and when he tosses it, it rolls in circles forever, making it fun to chase.

I have bought so many different types of balls. Each has died in about 5 minutes. Until I found the Planet Dog ball.

It glows in the dark, and is hollow with holes on each end. No matter how much he chews the ball, it doesn't shred, and still bounces. A bonus is when he chomps down on it a certain way, air whooshes out of the holes. This causes him to drop it, look at it, then attack it like the whooshing was a counter attack.

Planet Dog is also dedicated to animal welfare, so purchasing helps other pets. See their website here.

All 3 of these toys had value, but I think the Planet Dog ball wins for long term play potential. Although I do rather have fun trying new ones, just to see how long it takes Finn to destroy it.


  1. Planet Dog is the awesomesauce! There is a Planet Dog store two hours away from where I live. I wish it were closer because I love all of their products.

    I'm glad you found a toy that Finnegan can't destroy :)

  2. It WAS a challenge! I can't believe all the goodies Planet Dog has. Good thing Valentines and Finn's anniversary is coming up.