Saturday, February 27, 2010

Food issues revisited

We have had constant food issues with Finnegan. He is a picky eater, and many of the dog treats and goodies upset his stomach. We had tried other dog foods before, and settled on Eukanuba as the least bad effects. For those without wolfhounds 'bad effects' are loose stools, vomiting, and worst of all, lots of gas. Really foul, room clearing, eye watering gas. When you consider the size of a wolfhound...but enough said.

While the Eukanuba was doing pretty well, I asked many other IW owners what they fed, and most feed grain free diets. Taste of the Wild and Wellness were often mentioned, and one person claimed after switching to Taste of the Wild she had NO GAS from her IW.

Well, she had my attention! I found Wellness at Petco, and searched the boutique stores until I found Taste of the Wild. I very gradually introduced the new foods over 2 weeks. We have now been on the High Plains TOTW diet with some Wellness tossed on as a top dressing for 3 weeks. Finn's tummy troubles have gotten much better, and yes, the gas is reduced! There will always be some gas simply because a dog that size can't eat and drink without swallowing some air. But the amount and ick factor are greatly reduced.

The biggest change is that Finn is a happy eater now. The food smells yummy even to me, very meaty. We can switch to other flavors in TOTW and Wellness so he doesn't get bored, and by feeding him a blend, if I run out of one I don't have to intro a new food suddenly.

So both Taste of the Wild and Wellness get two paws up from us!


  1. I had some gassy issues with Pru when I first got her. And though she's not as big as Finn, her gas definitely packed a wallop. I got the same advice about switching to grain-free. She ate Orijen for awhile, which is another nice, grain-free food if you ever need to switch again. Now she is on Orijen's other line Acana.

    I'm glad you found something Finn likes :)

  2. Oh! And before I forget. Have you ever tried giving Finn sweet potato or pumpkin? It's been a life saver when it comes to Pru's belly problems. Just throw a sweet potato in the oven and bake it for awhile.. or get some canned pumpkin (not pie filling though, just straight pumpkin).

  3. Yes to both, he loves them! Of course he does prefer his pumpkin in a pie...