Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snowpocalypse 2010

If you want to know what it is like the in DC-Balt area right now, go here .
Seriously, we have a lot of snow, and it's still coming down. We have been out shoveling.

That shape on the left is a Honda.

Yes, the snow is over our waist now. Notice Finn greeting a snow shovel for hire who wandered by.

I shoveled a circuit in the back yard for Finn, with 2 'bathrooms'. After I had done that, I thought I would walk out in the yard in the snow, thinking I would make a path for Finn to play by walking through the snow. Even after I 'swam' through the waist high snow, he still couldn't get through the path. This upset him mightily. He was very worried about me being out in that deep snow. He started barking at me, and pawing the snow. He wasn't happy until I came back to the shoveled area, and then tried herding me into the house.

Finn wouldn't come in until I had left the porch area. He is blocking me in here.

"The snow is too deep, you need to stay inside and not be silly."

How could I argue with that nose??

Since we have come in, he has not left my side. He is obviously been convinced I am too stupid to be trusted anywhere without him to save me.

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