Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Book reviews

Recently I have purchased 3 different books about or featuring Irish Wolfhounds

How could you possibly walk by this book, with that puppy on the cover and not buy it? Fortunately the book was a fun tale of time travel and Ireland, and the mystical power of Irish Wolfhounds. Good Fun! While the dogs are an important element, they aren't the central part of the story. Since I love historical fiction, and this was pretty accurate, I really enjoyed it.

The author has another fun looking book featuring a black lab.

This book is out of print, and therefore hard to find and a bit expensive. I think it was well worth it for any IW fan. It has good history of the breed, information, and lots of gorgeous photos. I loved it!

I found this on Amazon, and picked it up to try. It is a fun murder mystery, with a pretty accurate depiction of an Irish Wolfhound as one of the main characters. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and was able to ignore a couple of scenes where the author showed she really hadn't ever had a wolfhound. (She did her research, but she doesn't really comprehend the size. In one scene she has the wolfhound jumping from the front seat of the car into the back. Problem #1. no adult wolfhound is going to fit in the front seat of any car. #2. if they were in the front and wanted in the back, it would be a 10 minute clawing scramble to get there.)

Her depiction of a wolfhound chasing cats, ignoring commands she doesn't like, and loving junk food (especially cheeseburgers and ham) was spot on though! LOL!

This is a series, and of course now I have to get the rest of them.

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