Friday, February 5, 2010

We like tuna fish.

Today for lunch I thought I would fix some tuna salad. Finn is a big fan of any cheese, especially stinky cheese. Since I love stinky cheese too, it works well. This was Finn's first exposure to stinky fish. I figured he would like it, but I wasn't prepared for the instantaneous rapt attention I got the moment the seal of the can was broken.

Finn's nose was immediately 2 inches from the can as I opened it. We didn't forget our manners completely, we waited to be offered some, but I could tell it really tested his resolve. I let him lick the spoon after I scooped the tuna out, and he didn't even stop to sniff first.

Then I made my sandwich.

Tuna, mayo, a little chopped Bread and Butter pickles, romaine lettuce, sharp provolone cheese, spices, on Italian bread. Yumm!

Finn thought so too. Note the total concentration on the sandwich. This photo cracks me up! He won't touch it, but he will stand there and look at it.

Of course he knows this will get him some of the goodie, whatever it is. I made him his own tuna/cheese/bread crumble. (He doesn't need the mayo and pickle)

I tried to get a photo of all the nose and lip licking that happened after this, but he was too fast. It was a small can of tuna, so 2 lunches and that was it. But Finn is quite hopeful there is another can.

This is Finn standing next to the sink, where I opened the can and no doubt some lingering tuna smell wafts.
'Please sir, I want some more!'

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