Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hound poetry

I found this wonderful poem on a really neat jewelry site Black Horse Design. (They have some really wonderful Wolfhound pieces) It's about deerhounds, but it demonstrates how we feel about our hounds as well.


Admit the lives more valuable
than our life, than the bodies we bear
more beautiful: tall grey dogs,

what huntsman, what dogboy loosed you
on our slow hearts
and let you slaughter them?

Long dogs, you move with air
belling the vault of your ribcage.
You subdue the miles below your hocks.

Levelled out in speed across wayless country,
over the open grassmoor that is paradise,
the onset of your going undulates the ground.

The bracken hurdles below your height,
the rushes make way for you;
your hard eyes hold in sight the rapid hills.

Brace of deerhounds, a matched two!
Intent, all flame, is what quickens
those long throats thonged with leather.

1977 - Valerie Gillies

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