Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yes, he can woof!

Finn has been a remarkably silent dog. We have had a couple of woofs, in the backyard, at night, but no other noise from him. This has taken some getting used to. I have never had a constant barker, but all of my dogs would bark at a knock on the door, other dogs, etc.

Not Finn. Well, until tonight. I had gone to bed, and my husband was still on his computer. (It's set up in an office area of the bedroom) Finn came to check me in bed, resting his chin on my hand for a bit, then curled up on his bed. We had been letting him sleep in the room with us for a few weeks now, much to his joy.

I reminded my husband it was late, got a 'yes dear' and more tic tic ticking on the computer keys. I then heard Finn stand up and go over to my husband at his computer and Woof! I sat up in bed, and Finn was crouched down in front, looking up at my husband. He slapped a paw at him and woofed again, obviously reminding him it was late and I needed my beauty sleep!

I started laughing, and encouraged Finn. "Woof at him Finn!" This got a few more paw slaps and barks until my husband gave up and turned his computer off. Finn went out with him for a final tinkle, then happily went to bed.

So, strangers at the door, and odd noises don't get Finn barking, but staying up late on the computer and keeping your wife up will.

Good dog Finn!

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