Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finn's 'Happy Dance'

Every morning when I get up, I take Finn for a walk. We do the 'short block,' a loop around a triangular block in front of our house. (The long block is twice as far, and is the rectangle behind our house.) Finn is pretty enthused about the walk, and does some hopping and running around me in circles. I think this is pretty funny, so I encourage him a bit, rubbing his neck and playing with him.

However, this dance takes place right over the bedroom of my son, who last night complained about the fact we wake him up every morning. My son is 20, works in a deli and is going to college. He tends to not be up before noon, not because of work, but because he plays games on-line and chats until the wee hours of the morning.

So today I taught Finn 'Happy Dance.' Now he really puts some energy into the dance, leaping up and down, and whirling around me as I shout 'Happy Dance, happy dance!'

Yes, I am a rather cruel mom.

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