Saturday, May 2, 2009

Finn helps in the garden

We decided to start working on trimming and cleaning up the back yard, including putting in the missing section of fence. We had to take Finn out every time he needed to go, if we fenced the yard we hoped he would start going out on his own. Once the weather warmed up we could leave the doors open so he could go in and out during the day as he wanted. hopefully not as boring as sitting in the house waiting for us to get home. Even though with our mixed schedules he was going out at least every three hours, it still was a long boring day for him. Plus we really wanted him to have the experience of his own yard.

Finn quickly discovered the bird bath was a perfect water dish. He also discovered we had bumble bees, and spent lot of time trying to catch one.

He carefully watched me planting bulbs, and alternated between lying where I had dug the dirt up, and nosing the bulbs back out of the ground.

I mulched a bed I dug up, and he delightedly laid and rolled in the mulch.

So helpful. But by the end of the day the yard was fenced, and Finn had his yard. As it got dark, he was standing with me on the deck, and we got our first woof. Very quiet, just a couple as he looked at the shed. I think it was at a ground hog. I was delighted, finally he was gaining some confidence. I thought there were a few more woofs in there..

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