Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dog food, the verdict

After over two months of trial, and upset tummies, we have a verdict on dog food. Finn's stomach likes Eukanuba. It can be Lamb and Rice or Chicken, as long as it is large breed. We tried several special organic human grade ingredient dog foods. Nope, Finn's tummy likes Eukanuba, and his tummy rules the purchasing decisions.

We are just thrilled to finally find something he can eat without stomach ache and runny stools. (TMI, I know) During all our tummy tribulations, often the only thing he could keep down was yogurt, which he loves. We also discovered several kinds of dog cookies and treats we can't buy. (Snausages Apple and Peanut Butter, very bad effect) His favorite dog treat? Beggin Strips. LOVES THEM! I think they are kind of stinky, but whatever. Meaty Bones also go down well, as do the peanut butter Glucosimine cookies for his joints.

Of course people food will always be acceptable, according to Finn. Unfortunately we, as the adults, must do what is best for him, and he must eat kibble. Although he does get tidbits in his evening meal, and the occasional bit of cheese, biscuit, and ice cream.

Dog cannot live on kibble alone, you know.

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