Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Just so you know, we do have the perfect dog.

We have some dear friends, who have a dog. Their dog, like most dogs, rolls in, eats and plays with horse manure. Since they have horses in their back yard, she does this often. Their dog also jumps on people, and jabs her nose into crotches. She begs at the table, etc. etc. We have given these friends a hard time about their dog's habits, and they have been delighted ever since we announced we were adopting a dog. They couldn't wait until WE had to deal with typical disgusting dog habits.

Except for one problem, Finn doesn't do any of them. He sniffed horse manure once, I said no, end of interest. He only rolls on carpet and the grass in our back yard (although he will lie in cool freshly planted dirt with flowers in it, or mulch) He doesn't jump, ever. I finally after much encouraging can get some hops when we do 'Happy Dance.'

Finn has occasionally bumped into people, and if his nose is crotch level that's what he hits, but he doesn't deliberately go for that. He quickly learned 'back off' when we are at the table, or will lie down if we tell him to.

So no, not dealing with any of those annoying behaviors.

Nya, Nya!

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