Monday, June 1, 2009

Morning walk

We had a break though today! Finn lifted his leg a bit when he peed. Not quite enough to truly 'mark territory', but enough to show he was finally starting to feel a bit more self confident. It was a sign I had been looking for.

Finn had squatted to pee since we had gotten him. That is generally a sign of submission in males. I wasn't sure if he was still in his puppy mindset, or if it was that he wasn't confident in his new situation. He also didn't mark any of the usual spots, when other dogs had gone. He peed to go, and that was it.

Gradually over the last month he had been sniffing spots, and going closer to where other dogs had gone. He had been lifting his leg for a second for a few days, like he was testing the waters, but now it shouldn't be too long before he is leaving mail for the other dogs. Since height from the ground is important when you are marking a mailbox or post, he will have a significant advantage.

Silly thing to get excited about, but dog rescue people will understand, LOL!

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