Monday, June 15, 2009

Toys for Wolfhounds

It's hard to play with normal dog toys when you are a wolfhound. None of them seem to be big enough. This stuffed squirrel is one of the larger toys I have found, but as you can see he still had to fold his legs up to hold it.

Finn's favorite toy so far has been a child's stuffed monkey. It has long arms that flail delightfully when Finn shakes it. The monkey is now faceless, and loosing stuffing daily.

Tennis balls last about 15 minutes. He loves them, but he shreds them too quickly for them to be much fun. He doesn't chase the ball if you throw it, but he will pick the ball up, drop it, watch it bounce, then pounce on it. Some kind of hunting play perhaps?

Rope toys are good for chewing, they seem to last for a while. We tried Frisbees, thinking we could get him to chase them. Nope, but he did eat them causing a few days of multicolored poo. Rawhide chews seem to smell good, but Finn wasn't really interested in chewing them. After finding paper and cardboard shreds everywhere, we decided to find something safe he could chew and shred. (we had been warned IW were shredders) The sturdy cardboard tube from a carpet we bought (the same formerly cream one) was cut into Finn-sized pieces, and became a very successful chew toy.

Squeaky toys hold no interest for Finn, nor do toys that mimic prey fur. I have a rabbit toy that feels exactly like a real rabbit, Finn thinks it feels weird and won't chew it. His favorite texture is the fuzz from a tennis ball.

There there are the items we would rather he NOT play and chew on. gloves, slippers, shoes, socks. Fortunately he seems to understand 'No' when applied to a certain object, but it doesn't transfer to other objects. (But this is a DIFFERENT slipper, you didn't say not to chew THIS one!)

He is also showing a rather fun sense of humor, and is not above picking something up he knows he shouldn't chew and tossing it in the air right in front of us. If we stop what we are doing and pay him attention, he wins. If we chase him, Bonus!

Sad, faceless monkey.

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