Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Finn wants a souvenir

Today as I took Finn for his walk before I left for work, Finn spotted a squirrel in the road. It had just been hit by a car. He wanted to sniff it, of course. I hesitated for a moment, wondering about germs and fleas, but decided it wouldn't hurt for him to sniff it, and maybe it would give him incentive to chase them out of our yard and save my flowers.

Finn sniffed the squirrel very carefully, then walked away. After about two steps, he went back and sniffed the squirrel again. As I watched, he went to pick the squirrel up by a back leg. I stopped him immediately. He was agreeable, but kept looking back. I know he was thinking he just wanted to take it home and chew on it for a while. Seems a waste to just leave it.

I told him if he catches one in the back yard I will let him chew on it.

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