Saturday, June 27, 2009

Finn is helpful, sorta

Today we were working outside. I had indulged at the feed store, and bought 3 pepper plants and a tomato plant, so I was digging the beds and preparing to plant them. My husband was working on the cars in the driveway. The gate was open, so Finn wandered back and forth between us, occasionally going in the house where it was cooler.

I had noticed Finn sniffing the potted plants on the deck, and had told him no. At the time he was looking at the tomato plant, which was a large one with several tomatos already on it. I thought maybe he thought the tomatos were balls, but he left them readily enough. I should have suspected him.

When the bed was ready, I went to get the plants. One large tomato was there, but only one pepper plant sat there, turned over on his side. I knew immediately Finn had taken them, and started searching the yard. I though perhaps he had buried them (trying to be helpful??). My husband came in the back, and I asked him if he has seen Finn. I explained what our four-legged child had been up to, and he went in the house.

He came out with the two plants. Out of their pots, but totally unharmed. Finn had taken them one by one, in the house, on to the cream rug (of course!). He had neatly shredded the cups they were in, took them out, and left them on the carpet. No attempt to chew them, not even a leaf was damaged.

Funny, funny dog!

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