Friday, July 3, 2009

Dog couture

Holiday today (July 3) and while shopping I decided the pick up some holiday attire for Finn. That's not why he looks so sad in these photos. Taking photos of Finn is challenging. He is determined to be withing 3 inches of us at all times, and that makes getting a shot of him problematic. To get the photo, we worked on our Sit - Stay...

and our Down - Stay. Finn is not happy about this.

This is his usual position while we work in the front yard. lying down watching the world as we work away.

Today's project, a new retaining wall in the front garden.

Finn supervises. He is a good supervisor. Lets you do the job, only occasionally getting in your way as he checks your work.

He now has a wardrobe of three bandannas.

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