Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What happened to my list?

I had a list of desirable traits I wanted in my dog. I wanted a wiry-haired breed, so the hair would be a minimum. I wanted a breed that didn't drool everywhere. Didn't have eye/ear issues, wasn't smelly..etc. I also remember I missed having a crumb-licker, a dog to hover around and clean up all the crumbs kids tend to leave everywhere.

Well, let's see I got the wiry hair, but what's this?

Hmm...fur dust bunnies. Yes, wolfhounds do shed, they have a double coat, wiry outer coat, fluffy under coat. There is a lot of variety in the breed, I have seen some so fluffy they looked like sheep, and some with almost no undercoat. Finn, however does have fluff. Fortunately, he doesn't shed too bad, and as I brush him every day, the majority ends up on the brush.

Drooling. Well, wolfhounds don't drool (unless bacon is involved) but they do have this beard under their chin. It is impossible for them to drink water without soaking their chin. They then drip about a gallon of water as they walk around, or decide at that moment they must be petted and lay the dripping chin in your lap. Still it is just water, so I give them that one.

Eye and ear issues aren't usually a problem, but of course Finn did come with a funky ear, that seems to ooze ickky ear wax. Ear drops seem to be helping on that, and he has finally stopped struggling when I take a baby wipe to his ears. (It does feel good to have your ears rubbed) It's not bad, not an infection, and seems to be getting better. Ok, pass.

Smelly. I have always hated going into someone's house, and just smelling DOG. I was determined to never have one of THOSE houses. Now I don't think Finn smells at all. Except for the occasional bit of gas (you try eating and drinking with a mouth that big, see how much air you swallow!) he just has a warm fur smell. Now if he rolls in mud and manure at the barn he reeks, but otherwise we aren't getting that whole house 'doggy' smell. I bathe him once a month, and brush him daily. I do rinse him off if he HAS been into something disgusting, but not often necessary. So I say he fulfills this one. Of course, it may be that I am used to the smell of dog and don't notice it now. (please don't tell me if that is the case, I will be devastated)

Crumb-licker? Nope, not only does he not clean any up, he contributes the majority of them on the floor! We decided to put a soft fluffy rug in the family room, so Finn to lay on it and be with us, but off the hardwood floor (I hate the pressure callouses large dogs get on elbows from laying on hard surfaces). it started out ivory cream..

Yes, those are cookie crumbs, bits of cardboard (we like to chew it) a shredded stress ball, punctured tennis ball, stuffed squirrel, rope toy and a rawhide chew he never touches.

Every time he gets a cookie, or biscuit, he takes it to the rug to eat. Kibble mostly stays around his bowl, fortunately. I give him a pass on this too, it all comes up with the vacuum, and face it, who can resist a dog with such charm and presence??

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