Saturday, April 18, 2009

Finn goes visiting

I stopped off at a friends barn to take photos of her riding. When I got there she asked me to keep Finn in the truck until we were done so the horse wouldn't be distracted. I left Finn in the truck, but opened the glass so he could get air. I had walked a few yards away when I heard him scramble out of the truck over the closed tailgate. I guess he was afraid I was leaving him. I looped his leash around the trailer hitch while I did the photos. He waited patiently until we were done, then I turned him loose to run with my friends boxer Grendel.

He was very good, checking out the ban and area, never getting too far from me. He pretty much ignored Grendel, who was trying very hard to play.

I called Finn a couple of times, to see if he would come, he did with no hesitation.

Finn finally consented to notice Grendel, and while he didn't play, he did do friendly sniffs.

I think next time he will be ready to play.

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