Sunday, April 18, 2010

Who is training who?

I have been working with Finn, training him for Rally and Obedience. I have come to realize though, that Finn has been working on his own training agenda.

Finn, like any child, prefers cookies to dinner. He knows where the cookies are, he knows I can get them for him. About a month ago, he started a campaign for cookies in the evening.

He nudges me when he wants something. This can be rather inconvenient when I am on the computer, or if he nudges me just as I am taking a drink. After determining he didn't want out, and had plenty of water, I figured out he was wanting to score some munchies. In the beginning, I gave him a cookie, just so he would let me type in peace.

I then realized he was eating less and less of dinner, so put a stop to the cookies. Finn then tried to figure out what would start up the free cookie machine again. He would eventually finish his dinner. then one time he finished, then asked for more. I cleaned his bowl, and put out fresh dry kibble, and some cookies. At the time I just figured he was still hungry after dinner.

He rather quickly figured out if he finished his dinner, he got dessert. Not that he didn't try to get cookies without finishing, he is always hopeful I will relent and just give him treats. Often he will eat half his dinner, then come nudge me. I will tell him no, he has to finish his dinner first. He will sigh, but will eventually clean his bowl. Sometimes it is hours later, but immediately after he has he comes and nudges me to let me know he is finished.

I wash his bowl, and set him up. This has been a regular thing for the last two weeks, and I am now realizing he has figured out a way to get cookies every evening. Granted, he has to eat his dinner first, so it's really a win-win situation. (Finn is a finicky eater)

So who trained who? I think it was an open negotiation, with benefits for both parties.


  1. Fin, you are smart! I wish I could get treats every day. I do get them most days though. My favorite is freeze-dried chicken livers. Oh, and freeze-dried duck hearts are good, too.

  2. Finn's favorite is anything cheesy. It used to be Beggin' Strips, but I think he got tired of those. He won't touch liver or hearts, I have tried them! He does think any cat food is yummy though.