Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Finn declares war.

In the last week we have had beautiful spring weather. This has brought out flowers, grass, and bugs..esp the bugs. We have a bumper crop this year of Bumblebees.

Not this kind..
This kind.

Finn takes offense at buzzy flying things, esp bumblebees. He has declared our yard a 'no fly' zone. In just the last couple of days he has killed several. His technique is excellent and well thought out. When he spots one or hears one, he goes on the alert. He scans the area and will run after them, no matter how far away. When he gets close he freezes, then with a snap! He has them!

Here is where the thinking happens. He doesn't just grab them, he does a three snap flip with them. He snatches them out of the air, and does a lightning fast snap-snap-snap then flicks them out of his mouth before they can sting or bite him. He will then go find them, and make sure they are dead.

He will then sometimes eat them. This usually results in him throwing up (especially if it was a stink bug), but to the victor the spoils I guess.

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