Monday, April 26, 2010

Rally #3, Catoctin Club show

Today we went to the Catoctin Club show. This was for the 3rd leg of our Rally Novice title.

We got there in plenty of time, despite the rain. Not as many people at this show, but we saw a lot of the same faces at the Rally ring!

Finn and I color co--coordinated this time, all in shades of gray.

Our go wasn't exactly flawless, LOL! We were distracted a couple of times, but in all it went rather well.

The Judge was delightful! Very exact on what she expected, very helpful for us novices, and very complimentary when we did well.

She complimented Finn on his sits. (The judge has Danes, and understands large breeds!)

Finn hob-nobbing with other qualifiers.

When I asked the judge for a review and suggestions, she was very complimentary.

Points off for a leash pull.

Points off for Finn crowding, off course a bit, etc.

Then I found out we got a 95! Well done Finn!

This was the third leg of our Rally Novice Title. We got the title ribbon, had our photo taken with the judge, and Finn is now Finnegan RN.

Big thanks to Vicki for the photos, video, and ring side support!


  1. Three cheers for Finnegan RN!

  2. Thank you! I'm quite proud of how far he has come, from frightened rescue to confident rally dog.