Friday, April 9, 2010

Product review - Greenies Pill Pockets

I have been shoving pills down throats for most of my life. From dogs and cats, to my own child, I can get a pill down an uncooperative throat.

Enter an IW into the picture. There are a whole different problem. First, you can't reason with them, no matter what the bribe is they won't eat the pill or powder you need them too. Second, you really can't shove a pill down an IW throat, it's just too far and the jaw is too big to control. (at least for my hands)

Since Finn came with Lymes, I had to quickly figure out a method for getting multiple pills in him twice a day. I shoved them in hot dogs, rolled them in cheese, squished them in bread. It worked ok, occasionally he would spit out the pill, but for the most part I got them in him. Then I spotted these in the local pet superstore:

Perfect! Tuck the pills in the pocket, mold it closed, and in it goes. And that is exactly how it worked. Finn loves them! No matter how many pills (larger dogs have larger doses of meds, that equals multiple pills) he will happily gulp it down. I always make a point of telling him 'Good boy!' for eating his pill pocket, because I know he chews them a bit, and tastes the meds sometimes.

Today was the day I give him his monthly heartworm preventative. I shook out a pill pocket on the counter, then went to get the two pills he has to take. When I came back, the pill pocket was gone. Finn stood there licking his lips and wagging his tail. His whole posture said "I took my pills, I'm a good boy!"

I reminded him he was supposed to wait for me to give it to him, and prepared another one which he happily ate. He waited for a moment, to make sure I didn't have more for him to eat, he really really likes them. I have to admit, they smell kind of good, like a very savory soup or pate.

Finn and I give Greenies Pill Pockets two paws up!


  1. I was thinking about getting some of these to use for any pill situations with the Pruster, but was afraid it was all hype. I'm very thankful for the review :)

  2. They work great! Very easy to squish pills in and hide them.