Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rally #2, Old Dominion Kennel Club

We had our second rally experience, this time at an open show at the MD State Fairgrounds. The show is called the Cherry Blossom cluster, it is a group of 3 shows, on 3 different days put on by three different clubs. It's an easy way for dog owners to attend several shows during one trip. Great time and money saver!

It's also a great way to get points and qualifications.

Here we are ringside, watching the people and dogs who know what they are doing go through the course.

Um, it gets boring....

But friends show up to chat with and give well-needed advice,

and puppies must be petted. This is Corky, and yes, he is still a puppy.

Finn finds puppies rather confusing.

There were a lot of entries in rally. But our turn will come.

The folks running our ring were wonderful, and made sure everyone was up to speed on the protocols. We were of course Novice A, so we appreciated all the help we could get.

Our turn came up and off we went. The problem with IW is that rally courses are tight. Space is limited, and to get a lot of moves in, the course requires tight turns and precise maneuvers. Not a strong point for a 140 pound, 7 foot long hound.

Umm...a not so great turn. The leash is supposed to be loose.

That's better, and nice focus from Finn!

The end, yay!

Score of 86, and our second qualifying leg! One more and Finn with have his certification in Rally Novice. Next show is Monday, with the Catoctin club.

Thanks to Judie for the photos and support!


  1. Thanks Daisy, do you think cats would do rally?? I think you would do especially well at the jumping.