Thursday, August 20, 2009

Puppy games

This morning Finn and I went for our usual walk. At the end of the walk, when we are one house away from ours, I have been taking the leash off Finn, and letting him go. I tell him to 'Go Home,' and he gets to bound across the yard to the door of the house. It's a bit of a release after being good and walking slow on the walk.

This morning I turned him loose and kept walking. Finn walked up our neighbors drive a few steps and stopped. When I got to the door of the house, I turned back and I couldn't see Finn because of the cars in the driveway, but I knew where he was. I whistled, and then he bounded around the cars and ran gleefully up, vaulting over the bushes that line the walk.

I laughed, and told him 'Good Boy' for coming when I called, but he already had his reward. I laughed at his 'game,' and he got to run further and harder than he usually does. He may also have been playing a bit of Hide and Seek with me.

He has such a clever, unique intelligence!

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