Monday, August 3, 2009

Just not that into it..

Saturday we went horseback riding, then out to eat, so Finn was alone for most of the day. When we got home I took him for a walk, and gave him dinner. He seemed to have forgiven us for our abandonment.

We decided to watch the movie Bolt. The movie is about a dog, a star in a TV show where he has super powers and saves his little girl. Bolt really believes he has super powers, and accidentally gets shipped across country and has to find his way home. Really fun movie, which Finn wasn't much interested in. He roamed around the house, contemplated trying for some blueberry muffins on the counter, but I saw him and told him 'NO.' He picked up the bottle of his ear medicine, and was chewing it when caught. Halfway through the movie, he was lying on the rug, and started pawing and barking at our daughter. I told them to pause the movie, Finn needed our attention for a while. My husband and I took him outside and played with him for about 15 minutes. By play, I mean we chased him around and pretended to growl at him and grab him while he gleefully ran around us staying just out of reach.

After that, he was happy and we were able to continue the movie, although we had to raise the volume up over the panting and noisy water drinking going on.

I think if wolfhounds had super powers, they would have super speed and agility (they have that already really). Since Finn so seldom barks, I think he has super bark, so is careful not to use it and destroy everything. (He is very considerate) Since Finn can't find rabbits even when I point them out he obviously doesn't have super vision. Maybe super hearing? He can hear me opening the bag of Beggin Strips from two rooms away with the TV on and someone mowing outside. Wolfhounds must have some stealth ability, because big as Finn is, he can move around without you realizing. One minute he is lying on his bed asleep, the next you are tripping over him as he sniffs whatever you were doing. Actually, maybe its the tripping that's the super power...

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