Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Finn likes thunderstorms

We have thunderstorms rolling in tonight, and Finn is wired. He has gone on 3 walks with 3 different people. Played with my husband in the back yard, and ran around in the front yard while some car work was done.

He has had dinner, snacks, and gave me the sad face until I gave him one of the beef bones we bought yesterday. The bone has almost been demolished, he has played with a rope toy, his ball, and made several trips outside to sniff the air.

He is waiting for the storm, so he can stand out in it and feel the wind blowing. He loves it. Thunder doesn't faze him, rain he isn't as fond of, but if it is windy he will still stay out in it.

He is currently pacing around, waiting...

We may not get much sleep tonight.

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