Sunday, August 30, 2009

Finn's new job

Today when Finn and I went to the barn to feed the horses, we saw a flock of these all over the pasture.

This is the Canada goose, an invasive species that has been of concern in this area for years as their numbers have increased. The Canada Goose is aggressive, territorial, and destroys shoreline vegetation. This is of primary concern in the sensitive Chesapeake Bay area.

I hate these geese because:
A. The foul up the pasture with poo containing microbes and parasites.
B. they transport Duck Weed, an invasive pond algae that chokes the life out of the pond.
C. They tend to fly up in your spooky horse's face as you are riding.

Tonight when we got to the barn, there were two flocks in different fields. I called Finn over and took him in the field. He spotted the birds and trotted towards them a few steps, ears up.I told him to 'Get them, get them!' and he took off after the geese. After he chased the one flock, we went in the other field and chased the other flock off too. Finn was a happy boy, he likes to chase things. Of course he got no where near them, but I was delighted.

what a good, good boy!

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