Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Milestone

We have had Finn 5 months now. In all that time, he hasn't seemed to enjoy being petted that much. Sometimes he even flinched when your hand went towards his head. He seems to want the closeness, and attention, but after a moment of petting on the head, he would move away.

Tonight he came up as he often does, putting his head in my lap for attention. I scratched his ears, then petted him for a moment, then stopped. Finn then took his nose, put it under my hand and nudged. He wanted me to keep petting him. It is something every other dog I have ever had did, and finally Finn did too. It was another sign of the growing bond with us, plus the fact he is acting more like a 'real dog.'

Kennel dogs, and dog that have been raised in isolation or with minimal contact don't learn these kinds of interactions. Petting and handling is often stressful instead of enjoyable. It can be tough on the adopters, when a dog doesn't seem to want your attention. It makes it hard to find homes for these dogs. It takes time for them to learn to trust and interact, but it is worth the wait. We can't imagine our lives without Finn now, he has been a joy and a blessing.

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