Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wolfhound show

Sunday was the Potomac Valley IR Club Specialty show. We had told the couple who brought Finn we would go to the show so they could see how he was doing. We also wanted to go and meet some of the club members and see more wolfhounds.

The first thing problem we had as getting Finn in the back of the suburban. The tailgate was just a bit high for him, so we ended up lifting him into the back. He is very heavy. When we got to the show he hopped out without a problem.

When Finn saw the other wolfhounds, he immediately got excited, whining and pulling on the leash. It was a total contrast to how he had been meeting other dogs. Whether it was the sight or scent of them, he knew they were like him. He wanted to play, but they were all in yards or getting ready to show. We walked around, talking to the club members, and enjoying all the dogs.

Through all this Finn was obedient, but still tail down and worried. I actually asked one of the club members if they thought something was wrong with his tail. It hung straight down instead of the IW curl at the end. I was told when he felt more confident, he would hold his tail up and it would curl. We got lots of advice on how to get him to eat, and other good tidbits. It was a fun day.

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