Saturday, March 28, 2009

Finn meets the girls

Saturday our daughters came home for the weekend, and Finn got to meet two more members of the family. He of course was instantly smitten. Met them at the door, tail wagging. He spent the day following the youngest around and being her foot warmer every time she sat down. Our older daughter is not an animal person, so we had a chance to reinforce what we had already been teaching him. 'Back off.'

Teaching him this was a necessity, as he is counter and table height. He was already learning it, just like he had already learned his name. Still working on come, he seems to expect bad things to happen. If you call him, he will look at you and back away, cringe a bit when you go to get his collar. On walks he is still wary of adult strangers and other dogs. We are trying to make walks relaxing, letting him walk slowly and sniff around a bit.

Tonight we mixed in roast beef and gravy in his food. no problem eating that! First full meal he has eaten since he came.

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