Friday, March 27, 2009

Day two, Finn meets the horses..

Today the farrier was coming to trim and shoe our horses. My husband took the day off, and decided to take Finn with him to the barn. He seemed unconcerned about the horses, sniffed noses and that was it. He was turned loose in the 3 acre pasture, and explored for a while.

He came back when he was called, and quietly layed down while the horses had their feet done. He was good about getting in the car, even though he fills the entire back seat.

He still wasn't eating, so I spent time trying to get him to eat. I got a handful of kibble in him, and a few dog cookies. Still seems a bit stressed, standing and panting instead of relaxing. We thought he may relax with his bed in the family room with us, so we pulled it in. He immediately cheered up and layed down with a sigh.
I think he was distressed that he had to go in another room to lay on his bed. he wanted to be with us where ever we were.

Later when my son got home from work, Finn jumped up and met him at the door, tail wagging. In Finn's mind, all children are safe and wonderful.

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