Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Score! Finally a dog toy Finn loves.

I have gone through many dog toys with Finn. He will play with them a bit, but mostly he enjoys shredding them. Balls he has good fun with, but they only keep his attention for a while.

He will not play with squeeky toys. At the first sound he drops them and walks away. The closest we have come to real enthusiasm are his two monkey toys, but still, he mostly wants to chew them, with occasional shaking and flinging.

I always try new toys though. At Petsmart yesterday, I found this ball:

When you bounce it, it flashes, and keeps flashing for a minute. I brought it home, showed it to Finn and tossed it. He was fascinated by the flashing, and played with the ball off and on all night, eventually even taking it to bed with him.

Today, he played with the ball most of the evening, adding growling and barking to the game. The ball has weathered the playing well, just minor scoring.

Maybe it's a sight hound thing, but I'm just delighted he found something he loves to play with.


  1. Hooray for you Finn! Finding a good toy is important.

  2. Yay! Daisy's right -- fun toys are very important! Have a blast with your new flashy ball. :)

  3. That looks like fun! I love the flashing... it'll be perfect for summer evenings!

  4. The toy looks like a blast! I'm glad Finn likes it.