Saturday, May 8, 2010

Frederick Celtic Festival

Today we went to the Frederick Celtic Festival with the PVIWC. Despite the winds we all had a great time. Best kept local secret, Scottish Highland Creamery ice cream. Yummmmmmm!!!

Van and his car full of hounds.

Yes, that is Bob under there.

Finn takes in the festival.

Lily does some face washing.

Finn and Bill.

Finn is a popular stop,

and he got to kiss quite a few lovely ladies!

Highland cattle! This is a yearling bull.

Jodie wrangles puppies, and looks smashing doing it!

Bill, Finn and I with some dancers.

Jodie and Corky.

Jodie, Bob, Kelly, and various legs and eyes.

Finn and this young lad spent some time communing in the shade at the end of a long, fun-filled day.

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