Monday, August 29, 2011

BlogPaws 2

Day 2 of BlogPaws was fun despite the hurricane on the way.

Finn was fascinated with the ferrets.

Made some new dog friends.

We said hello again to Kristin Dewey of Cokie the Cat fame. Finn decided she was one of his favorite people.

Finn posing with a pack of Flat Pet friends.

Finn also go to meet Dr. V from Pawcurious and Dorian Wagner of Your Daily Cute.

Finn was voted 'Biggest Dog' at BlogPaws (unofficially) and was frequently mentioned in the Twitter stream. He must have posed for hundreds of photos, including the entire wait staff of the conference center. We did get him to stand up at a podium, hopefully the photo came out well! I'll be checking Toki Poki for it since it was one of their photographers that got that photo. (plus they have cool stuff!)

I do think the people who stayed in the hotel had the most fun, but we had a great time, and certainly will try to go next year.


  1. Mom has some pics of Finnegan to send you! Where can she email them? BTW, Toki Poki is where I get my cards made!

  2. Thanks for sharing the photos, it was very hard for me to take any, most of mine show the back of Finn's head!

  3. We ferrets can be quite mischievous - Finnegan could learn a thing or two! *grin*

  4. Snotface, I think that would not be good...wolfhound shenanigans can be destructive!