Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthday Party, 2011

Finn turns 4 next week, we decided to have his party this weekend. A bunch of Finn's human and dog friends came.

We had Finn's pool filled with water, and lots of balls, tug toys and stuffies. I made carrot cake pupcakes, turkey cookies, and banana-peanut butter frozen yogurt for the dogs. The humans had to make do with a shrimp ring, vegi munchies, burgers, hot dogs, Greek salad, pasta salad and brownies.

Carrot Cake Pupcakes!

Cookies, made with whole wheat, oats, rice and turkey.

The frozen yogurt.

I also made Finn a giant bone shaped cookie cake for his birthday. All his friends helped him eat it, and it was gone in about 2 minutes! I never got a photo, LOL!

Corky, Kelly, Chloe and Cody.

Cody, Bella, Corky, Kelly and Chloe.

Kelly watches Finn and Bella from the shade.

Cody and one of the many toys scattered around for play. (and party favors!)

Pogo and Cody play with a toy shaped like a cartoon cat.

I didn't get any other photos because I was having too much fun playing.

Finn, after the party.....

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  1. Happy Birthday, Finn! Our Mr. Big turns 6 this month. Summer birthdays are the best!