Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The impact animals have on our lives.

The following is a mini documentary about a former criminal, Jason Wood, and the impact his Pitt Bull Odin had on his life. It follows the last days of their relationship as Odin battles cancer. Jason also talks about the hardest decision he had to make, to let his dog go.

Be warned, there is language and you will cry.

It made me think about the impact animals have on our lives. Here is a former criminal (they don't say what crime) who credits turning his life around to the 'unconditional love' of his dog. What was important to him was not only that the dog loved him, but also accepted and loved all his friends, no matter who they are or what they did.

He also saw animals as gifts from God, put on earth to teach us and be with us, and that is a sentiment I wholly concur with.

His decision to let his dog go, while the pain was still under control, and not making his dog try to climb all the stairs to his new apartment is also something I concur with. I noticed the dog was not moving much or walking well, so the cancer was pretty advanced.

Heartbreaking, but good to watch. I would like to think I will make the right decision when the time comes for my horse and my dog. It helps that I do believe that spirit is eternal, we will go on to another plane of existence, and that our animals will be there with us.

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