Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finn's Birthday Party

The day was beautiful, the dogs were playful, and the food was plentiful.

Munchies and discussion around the table.

Pogo plays with one of the 'Party favors'.

Finn wears his birthday bandanna.

Notice the ribbon, it says' It's my birthday!'.

Other party guests dressed up for the occasion. Zack and Bella.

Finn Maddie and Bella head for the pool.

We had a pool for splashing, toys to play with, and home made dog cookies for munching. I also made home made doggie ice cream. (Thanks Pawcurious and 7MSN Ranch for the recipe!) It was very popular, and smelled so good I think some humans were tempted...

Tinkerbell in her lavender tutu.

Chubbs, Belle, and Teddy. Notice the webbing I put up, to keep canines out of the fish pond. (it's 3 feet deep, and murky)

You can't see from this photo, but there are toys scattered all over the yard. They started in a small pile next to the pool.

Lots of wet pawprints...

I had crafts for the humans at the party. We made toys for the dogs out of soft felt.

Chloe the Mini Aussie with a tug toy.

The toy is almost as big as she is, but she ran around the yard with it.

The braided toys were popular.

I had games organized and ready, 'bob for tennis balls', 'hoop jump', 'Rally course', and 'bubble chase', but just like with kids, the dogs decided what they were playing was far more interesting.

Finn's birthday cookie. This is a cookie I baked the night before made with ground turkey, chicken stock, whole wheat flour, sage and rice. (decorated with cream cheese)

Everyone helps Finn eat his cookies.

Pogo is a very finicky eater, I was glad to see he would eat the cookies.

Tyler comes over to try the cookies.

Grendel and Jake play ball.

Somehow I missed getting photos of a few guests, hopefully when everyone shares photos around we will get some of them.

We had a wonderful time! Finn got some great gifts, and he send his friends home with cookies and toys. The humans had a great time too, I think we will just have to have a get together again, and not wait for a birthday!


  1. What a handsome boy! Happy birthday Finn! :D

  2. Late as usual; but an incredibly happy belated birthday to Finn! His birthday is the same day of Pru's adoption anniversary.


  3. Wow! What a grand party for an Irish Wolfhound! I bet Finn is a very tall dog because I read from that Irish Wolfhounds are the tallest among the recognized breeds for it can reach up to 17 feet while standing on ts hind feet. But despite of its being a giant it is gentle.