Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Family visit

We had a graduation last week, so our house was filled with family. This included a 10 month old baby, and a 2 year old toddler. I was understandably concerned about how Finn would react to to the chaos. While he loves children, having 2 in the house for a few days is totally different than the 10 minute greet on the walk that he usually gets. Plus, lets just say our family is noisy, and leave it at that. I wasn't sure how Finn would react to that.

Everyone got here, and Finn happily greeted everyone, bestowing quite a few licks on the children. As the chaos got louder and louder, Finn simply went to the other room and took a nap. No stress at all. He was amazingly tolerant of the baby, and very careful around them, especially when walking.

He laid still for 'petting', and crawling over.

He usually napped where he could keep an eye on the baby. I think because we let him crawl so much Finn thought we were being quite reckless with him, and he needed to guard him.

Out in the backyard we had a pool and blanket set up. Finn was quite concerned about this too, circling and watching. He didn't like either of the children wandering away from the house without an adult.

When the baby was left on the blanket and started crawling towards the grass, Finn laid down with his body blocking the baby. He wanted him to stay close to the house.

Finn was also quite interested in the bubbles being blown.

He had a great weekend, and quickly learned to wait by the children's chairs while they were eating. Good snackage!

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