Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Today is the one year anniversary of our adoption of Finn. A year ago he was a very different dog.

He was scared, bewildered, and very worried about what had happened to his life.

Today we went on our usual morning walk.

We protested the leash a bit.

We walked with our girlfriend Teddy.

Then we played with a ball in the front yard.

It's really hard to catch a wolfhound with the camera when they are really playing!

The ball was tormenting him, he had to kill it.

Home for a happy dog!


  1. Happy Anniversary! :)
    Lisa & the also rescued Mr. Big (6/28/06)!

  2. What great pictures of a fun day! Happy anniversary!

  3. Happy late Gotcha Day, Finn! I'm glad you ended up with such a happy, fun home! :)

  4. Oh gosh, late to the party. Congrats on Finn's Gotcha anniversary!

  5. Thanks Everyone!He is the light of our lives.